What gear does the club provide?

As part of your membership you are given the ability to borrow gear from the club stores. This can be for an official event, such as a Meet or Christmas Trip, or for your own personal trips; however club organised trips always take priority. Below is an exhaustive list of everything you can borrow from the club. If you don’t know what any of these things are, ask your gear sec.

  • Rope

    • 50m Pairs of Half Ropes

    • 60m, 70m and 80m Single Ropes

    • Indoor Ropes

    • Confidence Rope

  • Harnesses (in XS, S, M, L, XL)

  • Helmets

  • Quickdraws (both for Trad and Sport)

  • Trad climbing racks

    • 7 Hexes

    • 10 Nuts

    • 3 Slings (60mm, 120mm, 240mm)

    • A Nut Key

    • 10 Quickdraws

    • Assorted snapgate and screwgate karabiners

  • Belay Plates

  • Guidebooks (inquire as to which ones we have)

  • Boulder pads (crash mats) with tarpaulin

  • Climbing Shoes

In addition to these climbing items we also have some other assorted gear that members have donated or that is used for meets, these include things like camping stoves, coats, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, warm clothing, rope bags, and more. If you need something for a trip don’t hesitate to ask the gear sec!

We also have a good stock of old journals from the club and the BMC as well as some other books and literature. Ask if you’re interested.

How to borrow gear

Borrowing gear is easy! If you need gear (or think you might need gear) for an event or trip shoot a message to the gear sec on Facebook or gear@su-mc.org. They’ll get back to you about what gear you will need or when they’re available to distribute it to you.

The gear sec will endeavour to get you the gear you need by the time you need it, however, there are some situations where they will not be able to fulfill your requirements.

  • If you have not given adequate time to allow the gear sec to find, inspect and distribute your items to you. Try to give a weeks notice at best, a few days at worst. It is very unlikely you’ll be able to borrow gear the night before you plan on leaving on your trip. To avoid disappointment ask early!

  • If you are going on a trip when there is a club trip organised you will come second to the club event. This includes if you asked for the gear before the event was even planned. Club events always take priority.

If you have given enough notice and there isn't a club event running that requires the gear then the gear sec will message you a time to come and pick it up from the stores in Building 42. Keep them updated if you are running late.

Gear secs have lives too! The gear sec will not deliver to you and it is not their job to give you what you want when you want it. They are there because they love the club and the job, so give them time and be kind!

When do I have to return it?

When you’re asked to. Club trips, including meets, christmas trips and large-scale trips abroad, all take priority. This means you may be told to return gear by a date and if you do not the club will not be able to fulfill a larger trips requirements. This may end up in you not being able borrow gear again (see the next section), or in extreme circumstances, you may be asked to cover costs incured to the club from you not handing back your gear (gear rental from a center etc.).

What happens if I lose or break the gear I borrowed?

S**t happens. As long as it was an accident you’re not going to face any repercussions. That said, if you have a history of abusing club gear, or deliberately damage club gear, or for any other reason the gear sec sees fit, you can be banned from borrowing club gear. This normally works colloquially as a strike system. It’s not serious, and you can still use gear taken out by other members, and it very rarely happens, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

You should take every precaution to look after the gear you take out, and treat it as your own. You’ll be told on Freshers’ meets, or when you take out gear for the first time, how to mitigate the risk of damaging gear.