White T-shirt House Crawl



Wed 17th - Wed 17th Oct. 2018


21:00 at 118 Broadlands Road


Unlimited available

Event starts in

0 minutes

It's free!

Event info

A house crawl starting at my house, 118 Broadlands, then heading to 65 Highfield Crescent and ending at the climbing house, 57 Gordan Avenue.
So go to Primark this weekend and get ya'selves a white T-shirt and some pens to write tasteful messages on each other! <3
We will also be a celebrity, character or any known individual for the evening. On the backs of our T-shirts we will have a name, written by someone else, and throughout the night ask questions to try and guess who we are....so get thinking about some good celebs/characters to write on the back of someone.