Welcome Presentation and Social

Special Event


Wed 4th - Wed 4th Oct. 2017


19:30 at 46/3001 (Physics)


Unlimited available

Event starts in

0 minutes

It's free!

Event info

Welcome presentation explaining all the club has to offer, including weekend meets around the counrty, weekly indoor trips, bouldering and socials.

After the presentation we will be enbarking on an epic social, indroducing you to our current club members, and the city's bar and club scene.

The social will initally move to The Mitre from the Physics building, before traveling though The Wild Lime, The Gordan Arms, The Hobbit and finally The Edge. At each location there will be a team challenge, winners of the challenge get the honor of wearing a retired white helmet untill the completion of the next challenge.

It's worth noting that there will also be a non-alcololic social on Saturday: a BBQ at the common. See the event on the page for more details.

For details about the lecture theatre and a map: link.