The mid-exam social....



Wed 20th - Wed 20th May 2015


19:00 at Rib Ranch (On the left from the victory centre)


Unlimited available

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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well with exams and all that stuff. Revision, hardwork or whatever.... 

it is the height of exam season; where people's hair re-fract, where blood pressure increases and the one time of year whereby your question whether going to Jesters 3 times a week was a good idea, I too am in the same boat and understand that psyche for going out will not be high.

...Instead the plan is that we have a nice meal at Rib Ranch. It is left of the Victory Centre in portswood, it really isn't that hard to find. The plan is to meet there at 7 to have dinner at Rib Ranch. Once we've all got a noticable food baby we then go to Mitre and enjoy a pint. 

Here's the menu:

Here's the address: The Broadway, Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2WE