SUMC: Trampolining of Awesomeness



Fri 26th - Fri 26th Feb. 2016


18:00 at University Concourse

Event finished


£11.00 per person

Event info

FRIDAY NOT WEDNESDAY (In the email I said 'Hope to see you guys Wednesday' Yeah a classic Zak screw up - Ignore it).

Trampolining is amazing. Who doesn’t like it? So I thought it would be a wonderful idea for us to go the Oxygen Freejumping park in Southampton. The best thing about this place; besides the awesome trampolines is that it is right by our doorstep. No blasted traffic (well hopefully).

I want everyone to meet at campus for 18:00. Don’t be late! This is happening on next Friday (26th). Sorry; would have booked it on Wednesday, but was overbooked. It is £11 per person and we’ll be trampolining for an hour. I am not promising anything but if we loved it and want to do more we may be able to pay and an additional hour – but I am not sure. Only 20 spots available. So sign up quick!

SPECIAL SOCKS WHICH ARE COMPULSORY AND AN ADDITIONAL £2. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM THEN THAT'S FINE. (Sorry again, I didn't know they were a compulsory thing until someone told me after making the event)

Anyways after we’ve got sweaty and exhausted from jumping, we'll ascend to a pub to which we can have a 'chilled' pint, which may turned into multiple 'chilled' pints - leading us to the palace of dreams where we can have a not so chilled jesticle.

Hope to see you guys Friday.