Sat 9th - Sat 9th Feb. 2019


13:00 at 118 Broadlands Road


Unlimited available

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It's free!

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Come get creative and colourful at this weeks social! We're making a big SUMC Flag/Banner ting for the photo next week! Bring some pizzas/lunch/teas/drinks and enjoy a chill day of arts 'n' crafts at 118. We have paints and glitter supplied but bring some pens/glue/macaroni to make it a proper year 2 experience.

The social will be on Saturday the 9th from 1pm-5pm. Everyone come and put their mark on the flag for the photo! (if you absolutely cannot make Saturday but still wanna put something of your own on the flag then you can drop round some point on Sunday...just message Verity first xox)

See y'all there!