Indoor fresher fanatics round 2!

Indoor Climbing


Tue 7th - Tue 7th Oct. 2014


17:30 at University Concourse

Event finished


£2.00 per person

Event info

The second round will be returning to Reading for all those people who couldn't make the Thursday trip!

EDIT: This trip is now going to Calshot to save some entry price confusion (£2 bus, £8 entry now)

What to bring: Only yourself and lots of psych, unless you have your own gear (harness, rock shoes, belay plate)

Where to meet: Concourse area on Highfield campus (Redbrick area outside The Stags Head pub)

When to meet: 17:30. There will be a blue SUSU minibus parked up, so you know what to look for :)

Cost: £2.00 for the bus, £8 for entry

Signup goes live at 9:00 on Friday the 3rd

See everyone then!!