Ropework and Self Rescue Course

Special Event


Sun 1st - Sun 1st March 2015


07:15 at Concourse

Event finished


£35.00 per person

Event info

A fun and informative course in self rescue, assisting others stuck on a climb and some advanced ropework techniques, held for one day at Swanage. It is focussed on Abbing in, Sea cliff situations (i.e. Swanage or Pembroke) but is broadly applicable to all climbing, especially multipitch. I speak from personal experience that this course will make you feel much more confident whilst climbing outdoors, as you will feel you will be able to get yourself out of most unexpected situations that could arise.

The course is run by Dorset Adventures, who are giving us a discount, plus the course is further discounted by the club from our AU funding. Meaning it will only cost you £30 plus a few quid for petrol to swanage and back rather than the £75 Dorset Adventures normally charge, so this is an excellent opportunity.

To go on this course there are a couple of pre-requisites. You need some basic outdoor climbing/leading experience, and ideally we would like people going who are going to be in the club for a while, so that what you learn can filter thought the club and hopefully make us all better, safer climbers. So if you're keen please e-mail me,