Ropework and Self-Rescue Course

Special Event


Sun 28th - Sun 28th Feb. 2016


07:15 at University Concourse

Event finished


£32.00 per person

Event info

This course is provided to gain skills in advanced ropework techniques, held at Dancing Ledge near Swanage.

It is oriented towards safe abseiling and sea cliff situations but teaches methods which are applicable to all climbing scenarios, especially multipitching. 

Techniques covered include:

  • Ascending a rope safely
  • Descending ropes safely
  • Abseiling with an injured climber
  • Assisted pulleys
  • Tying off belays plates
  • Lowering past a knot
Whilst in the past it has also included; escaping the system, setting up and backing up an abseil and creating a recoverable abseil. Sessions are typically tailored to the ability level of those attending.
Everyone I have spoken to who have attended the course have said that it was very informative and increased personal confidence in whatever situations may occur. 
The course is run by Dorset Adventures, website here, and is subsidised by the club with a small additional cost for fuel getting there and back (£30+2). Making a great option for improving skills whilst at university. 
To take part in this course you need some basic experience outdoor climbing and leading, and ideally will be in the club for a while so skills can be passed onto other members, improving the capabilities and safety of our members. 
If you would like more information please contact Martin (
Link to Health Declaration Form: here