Ropes Rescue Course

Special Event


Sun 19th - Sun 19th March 2017


07:00 at University Concourse

Event finished


£40.00 per person

Event info

The Ropes Rescue course is a course which we provide in order for our members to get a better understanding of how to go about rope rescue situations. It is held at Dancing Ledge in Swanage.

The course primarily focuses on situations involving sea cliffs however it is incredibly valuable for many climbing situations. The main focuses are:

  • Abseiling and ascending a rope
  • Abseiling with an injured climber
  • Abseiling past a knot
  • Tying off belay devices
  • Assisted pulleys

Whilst in the past it has also included; escaping the system, setting up and backing up an abseil and creating a recoverable abseil. Sessions are typically tailored to the ability level of those attending.

In the past those who have attended this course have found it an incredibly valuable asset, as it teaches how to be safe in otherwise scary situations and gives confidence in your ability to act in the right way in those situations.

The course is run by Young’s Adventure Solutions and the cost of the course will be in part subsidised by the club.