Freshers Meet 1

Weekend Meet


Fri 9th - Sun 11th Oct. 2015


18:00 at University Concourse

Event finished


£30.00 per person

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Important meets info:

It's the first meet of the year and where best to start but the Peak District. We will be staying in Dronfield getting you frehsers' out and experiencing what Trad climbing is all about. But don't worry, we won't throw you in at the deep end, we will pair you up with some of our more experienced climbers who can provide some words of wisdom on best practice at the crags.

After a days successful climbing we will be coming back to the hut for some well deserved chilling and home cooked food. So don't forget to check out the link for info on what you'll be needing for the meet. If you don't have it all don't worry we will see what we can drag up from stores :)