Climbing for Shorties



Mon 27th - Mon 27th Feb. 2017


19:00 at University Bouldering Wall


5 of 15 available

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"If you can't reach the next hold, climb up to it" - Joe Brown

Lynn Hill was the first person (male or female!) ever to free the Nose on El Cap, then the first person to free it in a day. She won over 30 international competitions and she's 5' 2".

Being small and not being able to reach a hold can feel like it's holding you back, especially if you watch a taller climber seemingly cruise past it. But in SUMC, we're stronger than our excuses, or at the very least we have better technique. Truth is, you just need to climb a little differently to lankier types. So we're going to look at what techniques to use when that next hold seems a little far away. Things like using good smears or dynamic moves to work the body a little higher, and ways of positioning the body to make every inch count. You'll never call a problem 'reachy' again!