Climbers Climb Cracking Climbs at the Calshot Climbing Centre

Indoor Climbing


Thu 23rd - Thu 23rd Oct. 2014


17:30 at University Concourse

Event finished


£2.00 per person

Event info

We all love a good tongue twister so...

Come Climb at Calshot Clan, we Clearly Crave Clambering up a Crushing Course of Cordial Climbs amid Chummy Companions. 

Now thats over the important bits:

Where to Meet: Concourse area at 17:30. (Should be an Orange-logo bus this week)

What to Bring: Yourself and lots of psyche as all gear is provided. (Unless you have your own after Cotswold gear social last week!)

How Much: £2 for the bus, £8 entry to the wall

Signup: Goes live on Monday 20th at 9:00

See you all then!


Indoor Sec

PS. Bonus points if you can recite those tongue twisters on the day!