Bowling Social



Wed 7th - Wed 7th Oct. 2015


18:00 at University Concourse

Event finished


£5.00 per person

Event info

After the mental fresher social last week, I feel a chilled event is needed. Here we can put our bowling shoes on and show of some mad ball handling skillz.

We are going to meet at concourse at 18:00! I want everyone to be there, no more of this SUMC time bullshit ;)

Number of allocations will increase as I find more drivers willing. If you're a driving who's free and keen please feel free to message me. 

We are going to play 2 games. Which will total to £5 per person. 

Afterwards people will be dropped of the concourse where we are going to mitre for a pint or two.. or five.. Then Edge.

After you've signed up here; if you you'd like sign up to the facebook page.