Beginners Climbing - Session 1



Mon 20th - Mon 20th Oct. 2014


19:00 at Bouldering Room


17 of 18 available

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The first of our 3 week introductions to climbing courses. These are designed for beginners who are only just getting into climbing who want to learn the basics and hopefully start progressing quickly!

We'll be running 3 sessions on consecutive Mondays, covering body postion and balance, footwork and handholds and route-reading. Meet us down at the bouldering wall at 7, we should be finished at 8:30 but we'll probably hang around climbing after too!

Spaces are limited due to space in the wall, so signup now! Remember, you must have a Sport & Wellbeing membership to use this facility and have been inducted by them, speak to Jubilee reception of you haven't done this yet!

Please note you are signing up to the full 3 sessions, on the 20th, 27th October and 3rd November, make sure you can do all of them!