Website Updates!!


Website Updates!

Our website's undergoing a few upgrades leading into the new 2017-2018 academic year. For those of you interested (if any), read on to find out what's now on offer on the website.

1. Sync your Favourtite Calendar Apps with the SUMC Calendar

As the title suggests, you can now keep up to date with all the events on our calendar through your favourite calendar manager such as Google Calendar or Outlook, Apple iCalendar. The file format is a .ics file so should work with any client able to support that file type. Look for this button here:

You can either download a version of the file as it currently stands, or subscribe to the link. I've written a brief explanation of methods here.

2. Comment on Events on the Website using Facebook

Don't you just hate how you have to check Facebook for any updates on any new socials/meets? No? OK, well I do.

The website now features fully integrated commenting on events via your Facebook profile. Each event has its own thread that is visible once you've logged in. Therefore, if any updates are made to the event, or anyone has a question, then it can all be collated in the same place.


In case anyone's interested in my ramblings, read on, else skip this bit. Essentially, my hope behind this is to eliminate the need to have 2 seperate events for each social/meet and instead have all the information collected in the same place (which tends to happen anyway). As it currently stands, most of the information regarding events changes hands over Facebook, so people who aren't regular Facebook users (yes, they exist) get a little left at the wayside. Now with this way, all the information is present on the website regardless of whether you login to Facebook or just the website, and should you choose to post, you'll receive notifications as normal; it's a win-win.

Combined with the calendar integration it should be much easier to keep on top of everything that's getting planned for the year.

3. Member Contributions to the Blog/Gallery on the Site

As it stands, the website has a really good blog/gallery system set up for posting content. Unfortunately, due to the nature of things, very little actually ends up getting posted. What I believe would be really nice would be to get more club members who are keen to write up some articles for the website every now and then (and also to contribute some awesome pictures I know you guys take!). I don't think it's really the case that no-one ever wants to write anything as we manage to push a journal out every year, it's more just the process isn't very clear/easy, and people are put off, or just forget.

Also the advantage of writing article pieces throughout the year (apart from memories of meets still being fresh) is that it should hopefully make the final run up to making the journal slightly less stress inducing for the Promo Sec at what is usually a very busy time of year (though come to think of it, stressed Cara is quite amusing, so maybe just ignore the last paragraph and continue as normal).

Therefore, I've set up a contributing page here, with more details on how to get involved with contributing to the site. Hopefully

Why this way?

Again, more rambling. Unfortunately, this isn't really the way I'd hoped to set things out for contributing to the site. In an ideal world, I'd just like to enable users to write up their own content directly and either publish/get approved by a committee member. Unfortunately, due to the framework the website is written on this is a surprisingly complex task, and short of making everyone a staff member on the admin side of things, giving any write permissions is damn near impossible. I'll keep poking at ways to try and make content easier to upload over time, but in the short term, blame this guy:

Overall, I think we have a really awesome website that really could stand to be a much more useful tool to everyone in the club, rather than just a complex method of checking if people havepaid or not. That's about it for now, but stay tuned to more updates throughout, as I may have a few more ideas to bring to life!

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