SUMC AGM Committee Positions



The main role in the committee. You take care of the rest of the committee and drive the direction and atmosphere of the club for the year. You can use this role however you see fit, running your own projects which you feel will improve the club for all its members. You will be the primary face of the club, answering emails from affiliate organisations and many new members to the club. It helps to have a passion for climbing, this club, and persuading all the new freshers in October to come and join in our fun! This is a busy role, with small titbits of stress sometimes, but it is highly rewarding and the best way in which to use your own ideas to benefit everyone!

Vice President
The extra presidential arm. You also have an influence on what the club does over the year, supporting the president and the rest of the committee often taking on odd jobs here and there which dont fall into other peoples roles or available time. The VP is also in charge of the annual christmas trip, ultimately deciding which warm and sunner part of the world we jet off to for an epic extended-week of climbing. Experience with airlines, car hire companies, and talking to natives in an often poor attempt at their own language is also useful!

You handle all the clubs finances! It is essential that you ensure that we are charging an appropiate amount of membership to our members and that the money is spent on meaningful things which will benefit the club, without running out and preventing us from doing what we enjoy! Since the club can turn over in excess of £15000 per year, there is alot to keep track of and budgetting knowhow is a must, as well as a willingness to cap a few kneecaps when people dont pay up (optional). In addition to accountancy, you also maintain member lists and our contact with the BMC (insurance!) and apply for AU funding alongside the President. This is a really important job that can go unseen but is key to the survival of this club.

Meets Sec 1 & 2
As meet sec, you have the awesome job of choosing where we go for all our weekend weeks up and down the country! The summer is spent booking buses and huts, then nearer freshers organising pairings to help show all the newcomers how we do traditional rock climbing and then entertain ourselves back at the scout hut. You dont have to go on every trip, a benefit of 2 secretaries and having the rest of the committee, but it can help. It can seem daunting, but there is a culmination of knowledge from people who have held this role in the past. If you really enjoy coming on our meets, then this would be an ideal job for you!

Indoor Sec
This can be the most regular of jobs, organising our weekly indoor climbing trips. Nowadays you have a choice of venues (Calshot, Reading, Red Spider, Boulder Shack) which are all regulars for our club. You'll have to book minibuses, fill them whilst collecting money, then shuttle it off to that weeks chosen wall. Being able to drive the buses is not a necessity, but it does make the job easier, and is the same with not having to attend each week. Anyone who loves climbing on plastic, or would like to spend the year getting strong (which often happens), would be ideal for this role.

Safety and Skills
You are here to try and prevent us from injuring ourselves. Filling in risk assessments, and then organising the ropework and first aid courses for when we are in a situation which requires some specific knowledge. You can also use this role to help out Boulder & Comps with Monday training nights down at our wall, or writing regular skills blogs on the website.

Gear Sec
Those you love shiny gear will love this! You need to ensure that all our club gear is properly taken care of, comes back when lent out, and replaced when it reaches its lifetime. This is an important role as you are handling all the equipment which stops us hitting the deck when we take a fall. It may sound daunting, buts its not that bad and Rob has created a new ropes-management system this year which should make your job that bit easier. The shiny part of the role comes from purchasing around £2500 worth of new gear over summer and having the choice of what we buy, some things we must buy to replace old/lost equipment, buy if you can get funding from the AU you can purchase whatever you like if you have a keen eye for bargains, and of course they would be genuinely useful for the club!

Bouldering and Competitions
The one who likes short things! You are in charge of handling our relationship with sport and wellbeing and the upkeep/routesetting of the union's bouldering wall. The 4 resets of the year benefits not only our members, but any wall users, so this role reaches beyond the confines of our club. It helps if you spend alot of time at the wall, have a feel for the grading, and can ensure that future sets can maintain consistency whilst being fun and safe. This role also handles the connections we have with the various competitions run throughout the year, such as BUCS, LUBE, SCUB, SWUB and Varsity. Though if there is any more you wish to branch out to, thsi position holds the opportunity.

Social Sec
The bringer of fun and booze! You organise the weekly social events that take place every week with complete rein over what we do. This has in the past included: Airsoft, Playzone, Donutting, Sumo Wrestling, Scoops, Lazer Tag and even a casual drink down the pub! You do need to have some degree of people skills as entertaining the vast amount of people we have attending regular events can be a challenge. The biggest jobs our the freshers social which brings in all the new people doing some crazy activities down Portswood, and chistmas and dinner meet meals. So if you have lots of crazy ideas about what to do of an evening then this is the job for you!

This can be a very fun a creative role if you make it one. You need to show off our club to the outside world at the annual bunfight (flyers, posters, displays), then design and make any club stash (t-shirts, mugs, beanies, etc) you wish to, and be head organiser for our annual journal. Essentially anything with the club logo on it (other than paperwork) is your responsibility to make happen. This role can also be used for writing up blog posts on our website, and managing the photo collection we have using the new upload feature. It would be useful to have some experience with design tools, but not essential if you can create the designs and are willing to learn how to impliment them.

Web Sec
As suggested by the name, you keep our shiny website running. This can involve fixing problems with it when they occur, sorting members' site issues, and adding any new features to it that you wish. Unlike other roles, there are some things you should know for this role: HTML/CSS, Python and using SSH with Unix are all needed. More specifics can be discussed with Alex. Though as with all the committee, you can still get involved in all the odd jobs that need doing over the course of the year.