SUMC year so far!


(pic: casual crushing at Boiler Slab, Gower)

Hello everyone new and old to SUMC 2015/16! We've had a fantastic start to the year so far with huge turnouts on our first two fresher’s meets and our first trip to Wales this year.

Fresher's 1 was great start to the year. Top-form throughout with fresher’s doing excellent and our more experienced members such as Princess successfully beasting an E1! Former pres Spoon finally met his match in a game of touch the cup ending in an outright victory. Fresher's 2 was equally epic, covering some of Bamford and Stanage crags of the peaks. It's a shame it got a bit drizzly but that didn't stop keen spirited fresher’s wiz up some routes! We hope all newcomers have had a nice introduction to the beauty of gritstone and the ridiculousness of hut challenges

Gower showed us beautiful costal views with fantastic rock faces. The Saturday night was well spent with a good amount of fireworks, mafia and cake (happy birthday Emily!). Alas come Sunday Princess did as Princess does and had a bit of a boo-boo…

Our weekly indoor meets are going well with many of you nailing your basic skills and rope work. Keep up the psych! It's a great way to practise and get strong for all the trips we do!


To come:

  • SUMC Red Spider takeover, 10th November
  • Cornwall meet, 13th-15th November
  • Remote Outdoor First Aid Course, 14th-15th November
  • Snowdonia, 27th-29th November
  • SUMC Christmas dinner, 4th December


Check out the events page for more info on any of these events!


Peace, Jugs and Business.