Newsletter 17/10/2014


Hello everyone, welcome to the second newsletter of the year. Sorry this is a little late, the plan from now on will be to get it out Friday lunchtime every week so you've got all the deets for the upcoming week of SUMC awesomeness.

The Gower

This weekend we're off the the Gower peninsula in South Wales. Single pitch climbs starting from the beach, multipitching huge limestone towers and finger-shredding sport climbing, there's a bit of everything! The signup goes live at 7am Monday morning for minibus spaces. We're expecting this one to be popular, so if you're driving and have spaces or might be able to drive a car or a minibus then get in touch with ASAP!


Inoor trip this week will be on Thursday to Calshot, the signup goes live at 9am on Monday and all the info is on the event page on the website. Bouldering Monday this week will be the first of our beginner sessions, so no open session this week. The second run filled up within a few hours of going live this week, we're amazing at the level of psyche guys! If there's still anyone who didn't get a space we may try and sort something else out, get in touch with Mike ( and we'll see what we can do.


Social this week, we'll be joining the AU Social at Sobar on Wednesday night. Theme is Safari so get creative with your costumes! We're heading to Aaron's beforehand, all the info here:

London University Bouldering Event

For those that didn't see, the first rounds of the best-named competition in the country LUBE are in a few weeks time. Ben's organising teams for these via an event on our facebook page There's a great atmosphere at this comp and it's not just about the strongest climbers going along, so if you fancy giving competition climbing a go, join the event and get involved!

Dates for your Diaries

7.00am Mon 20/10 - Gower Meet Signup
7.00am Mon 20/10 - Calshot Signup
7.30pm Mon 20/10 - Beginners Bouldering Course, Session 1
8.00pm Wed 22/10 - Social
5.30pm Thur 23/10 - Calshot Trip

5.30pm Fri 24/10 - Sun 26/10 - Gower Meet

Skills Corner

This week, a really good video from Wild Country about lead belaying. Obviously, giving a safe belay and not dropping your leader is really important, but there's a lot more involved in giving your leader a really good belay, giving them confidence whilst they're on lead. There's a lot of things to think about, where to stand, how to give slack quickly etc that people don't often about and this video explains the basics of these really well. Well worth a watch!

That's all for this week. See you all soon!

The Committee