New Year, Exciting Announcements - SUMC's Big Climb!


Hey SUMC! Hope you're all having an amazing summer.

The committee have been super-busy in the last few weeks gearing up for the new academic year, and now we're really excited to announce the first event of the year, and it's going to be big!

On the 27th and 28th of September, we'll have an 8m climbing tower erected on the Redbrick outside SUSU for a charity climbing event. We thought we'd set a challenge with an obvious target like climbing the height of Everest. We realised that'd be too easy for a bunch of pro climbers like us, so we decided to do it twice, in just 24 hours. That's 17,696m of climbing, equivalent to more than 2,200 ascents of the wall.

Why bother? We want to raise a shedload of money for Climbers Against Cancer, a campaign founded by climber John Ellison in Jan 2013 and since then has so far raised over £200,000 for cancer research charities globally. When diagnosed with terminal cancer, John had the vison to unite the climbing community behind a common cause, to find a cure for cancer. Famous climbers such as Shauna Coxsey have thrown their weight behind the campaign, CAC T-Shirts have become the must-have accessory at climbing walls around the world and CAC is now the official charity of the IFSC. It's a fantastic cause that shows just how special the sense of community there is in this sport that we love, and the perfect charity for SUMC to support.

You can get involved! We need climbers willing to climb on the day, taking shifts during the day and the night to help us reach our target of 2,240 ascents. We want to try and raise £1 in sponsorship for every climb and between us make a really significant contribution to the CAC campaign. If you'd love to climb, then send me an email ( letting me know the number of climbs you'd like to contribute and I'll send you over a sponsor form.

Climbing is not the only way you can be involved. We'll need volunteers throughout the weekend bucket-shaking outside the union to bring in even more cash. We'll also be holding our Fresher Taster simultaneously on the wall over the weekend, so we'll need plenty of volunteers to help with that and telling everyone how wonderful SUMC is. Please get in touch if you can help in any way!

We hope this event gets you guys as psyched as us. This really will be the biggest and most exciting event SUMC has put on in recent years, but with all your help I'm sure it will be an amazing success and we can raise tonnes of cash for a really good cause. Plus, stay tuned in the next few weeks for more exciting announcements about what's definitely going to be the best SUMC year ever!

Love you guys, climb hard, stay safe and see you all in September!