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Equalising Anchor points and building abseils

Equalising anchor points There are a million (well maybe not a million) ways to build trad anchors for every occasion, whether it’s to set up a belay or for abseiling. The aim of this article is to introduce a few different methods. Firstly equalising two pieces of gear. The video below shows a nice tidy way of doing so with two anchor points, however this can also be extended to 3 anchor points whereby you do an overhand across both “v-shapes” you’ve constructed. Video on equalising anchors: However ... read more

Tying Prusiks and Abseiling

Abseiling is an important skill to have, especially as you need to be able to abseil when going sea cliff climbing as getting to the crag requires abbing in. Abseiling requires a piece of prusik cord (usually of diameter 4-5mm) of length approximately 1.2-1.5m. Usually you can purchase prusik cord in bulk (i.e. you chose the length you want to purchase) and you can then cut it yourself. This is best done by keeping the bit you want to cut really stiff and wrapping a bit of tape around it ... read more

Freshers' Meets - What to Expect

If you fancy getting into outdoor climbing, going on a Freshers' Meet is by far the best thing you can do! What makes them different to our regular weekends? These meets are all about our new members. We'll pair you up with some of our experienced members and we focus on giving you guys the best introduction to outdoor climbing you can get. We'll be staying on the edge of the Peak District, and head into the National Park to climb at some of the premier UK climbing crags, including ... read more