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LUBE 2017 - Round 1

An upsettingly early start, injuries, illness and actual real-life work commitments (why anyone has these I don’t know…) kept our lube team small for round 1; the day started with a 7am cruise for two around the M25 to Stronghold climbing centre, a new indoor gym in north London. After surprisingly efficient registration the round started and Ethan and I got climbing. This rounds set was fairly relaxed, which didn’t stop us from some fairly stupid falls – a few harder routes using dubious smooth wood holds caught many out, ... read more

BUCS 2017

Well the BUCS championships 2017 trip went by this weekend in a surprisingly pleasant, entertaining few days, here's a small summary of the weekend in the hope of education the masses on the working of climbing competitions, something I'm often asked. BUCS has always been a relatively awkward experience. With a closing date for entries well before we usually even start thinking about competitions it always makes for a slightly panicked day, climbers who forgot they were even going to be there competing with unis who seem to base their ... read more