AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 3


Here goes... The final installment of committee jobs up for grabs at this year's AGM. Don't forget, be there at 7pm Wed 25th Feb!

Gear Sec

The dream job for the gear-obsessed climbing nerd! The club owns LOADS of gear and your job is to make sure it's where it needs to be and that it's in a fit state for use. You'll need to be pretty organised, making sure stuff that's dropped off late after a weekend makes its way back to stores before it's needed for the next event (having transport helps, or just living close to uni!). You're also in charge of making sure the right kit's in circulation, that old (or dodgy) stuff gets retired and keeping records of high-impact use. This sounds heavy, but it's actually easy and there's easy to follow advice on how to do this.

Best of all, you get the best budget to play with! We spend close to £2500 on new gear every year, and you get to chose what to buy. There are some fixed things we need to buy every year to keep the stock ticking over, and you'll need to keep an eye out for stuff that we're getting low on, but there might also be room to treat us to one or two extras. If you've got an eye for a bargain then this is the job for you!

Social Sec

Social sec, probably one of the most self-explanatory jobs, but also one of the hardest. You're in charge of our socials every wednesday and as you probably know already, we like to mix it up! We're a big club, with many different tastes and interests and it's your job to keep as many of them as possible entertained. You're also on the front line of including all our new members at our big socials at the start of the academic year, so people skills are obviously a must :)

Big jobs every year include organising the Christmas Meal and Dinner Meet Dinner and the all-important freshers social. Other than that though, the world really is your oyster, so if you've got loads of mad ideas for how to spend a wednesday evening, then get involved.

Promo Sec

Promo is a fun job that really can be what you want to make of it. A big responsibility is our annual journal that comes out every dinner meet. You also keep the club looking good, organising things like T Shirts and anything else you can think of that we could stick an SUMC logo on! Promo can also be heavily involved in keeping up the club's website content and the club's presence on social media, which need to be awesome adverts for people thinking of joining the club. They can also be involved in any other activities in which we promote the club, from posters & flyers to the look of the bunfight stand, and getting our name out there in SUSU media.

This is a great job for a creative person, but it's not a necessity and there's loads of addtional work and organisation that needs to be done behind the scenes. All you really need are ideas and the psyche to make them happen!


Finally, the webgimp, you obviously help look after Dan's wonderful baby, our shiny new website. This is probably the only job that has proper pre-requisites, as you will need the skills to tweak the back end on occassion. HTML/CSS is a must, and knowledge of Python and using SSH with Unix will really help. Of course, Dan will give you a full run down on how it all works, but this is best suited to someone with experience of this stuff.

Of course, we don't just lock the webmaster in a darkened room and bring them out when the site crashes. Like the rest of the committee, you never just stick to your single job and you will be mucking in and helping out with the rest of the club's activities. But if you've got the skills to contribute, this is a great way to help out in the running on the club!

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