AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 2


It's round 2 of our series on committee job descriptions. Don't forget, the AGM is coming up on the 25th Feb, makse sure you join the event for all the info!

Meets Sec

One of the best jobs on committee as you get to pick where we go on weekend meets! You spend the summer putting our calendar together, booking huts and minibuses and then during term time youv'e got the responsibility of getting a rag-tag bunch of climbers out on rock. You need to be able to take the lead on weekends too, making sure buses know where they're going and making sure that new climbers have people to climb and keep them entertained.

This can be a bit of a daunting job, but there's no need to panic. So long as you get organised early and own the job then you'll be fine. You join a long line of long-suffering meet secs who've all been there and done that before and there'll be tonnes to support from them to get you going, you're not on your own! You need to be super-organi

ed and you will have to deal with a bit of stress and pressure from time to time, but the reward of seeing a load of psyched climbers enjoying themselves on meets is really satisfying. If you love club meets, then there's no better job!

Indoor Sec

Indoor Sec, like Meets, is pretty self explanatory. You're in charge of our weekly trips to climbing walls! You'll need to book the buses, make sure they're full with people and take charge when we get there, especially at the start of the year when there'll be lots of novices to teach and get signed in. You don't necessarily need to go on every trip, but it does help to be psyched for going regularly, especially if you can drive the minibus!

If you're keen for indoor climbing, then this is the job for you. It sounds like a lot of work, and it can be when there are lots of people, but once you get into a routine it's dead easy. All that's left is to go climbing every week and get super strong!

Bouldering & Comps

The Bouldering Sec handles our relationship with Sport and Wellbeing over the upkeep of the Bouldering Wall. It's a unique job on the committee, as you don't just have to look after our members, but you're also in a position to represent all users of the wall. You'll organise the 4 resets of the wall over the year, as well as making sure that S&W keep up the training of new setters. You're also responsible for keeping open our Monday night slot at the wall.

From next year, the Bouldering Sec will also take on resposibility for the club's entry to competitions. This will normally include BUCS and the 4 rounds of the LUBE competition in London, but also can include anything else you want us to enter or even organise!

Safety & Skills

Safety Sec is obviously a very important job given the nature of what we do. You're primarily responsible for ensuring the club's paperwork is up to date in terms of Risk Assessments and other documents (inlcuding this year finishing a load that are in the process of being rewritten). You can also look at the extra training we provide to our climbers, for example by organising self-rescue and first aid courses.

This year, we've expanded what was traditionally quite a small (and admittedly dry) role to include looking after the coaching side of things that we've introduced this year (the skills bit!). You'll look at not only about the training we give to members in terms of safety (rope skills etc) but also in the physical side of climbing. Along with the bouldering sec, you can work out what coaching we can hold in our bouldering slot (beginners courses etc), and look at getting new coaches trained to keep the ball rolling in future years. This side of things is pretty new, so if you've got ideas on how we can extend and improve what we've done this year then get involved!

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