AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 1


The AGM is coming up in February, and with it comes your chance to shape how SUMC runs for a year. If you've thought about getting involved on the committee, and want to know more about what's involved then read on! We've written up descriptions of all the jobs up for grabs so you know what you're getting into.

Being on the committee is ridulously fun and really rewarding when you see everyone having fun as a result of your handywork. It's hard work, but well worth it. The only experience required is a love of climbing and being super-psyched for the great things the club does. So long as you're a current undergrad or postgrad studne then you can get involved. If you've got any questions or you're thinking of running for any of the positions then get in touch, feel free to either email Mike ( or any of the other guys about their individual positions.

Even if you're not running for committee, make sure you're there on the 25th Feb to help choose who'll be running your club next year. Details here and here.


The big one! Ultimately you're responsible for everything the club does and drive the direction of and atmosphere in the club for the year. The job is what you want to make of it, aside from the standard email answering and organisation you have the freedom to push your own projects and set the tone of what the club does. You have the opportunity to put your stamp on how the club runs and the activities it does. Examples of stuff I've brought through this year was bringing in the coaching on Mondays for new climbers and of course the climbing tower on the concourse over freshers week. If you've got big ideas for this club then you can get on it and make them happen!

You'll be the main point of contact for our affiliate organisations, the BMC and the AU, plus new members of the club, so expect to answer a lot of emails! Good organisational skills are a must; you'll need to look after the other 10 members of the committee and help them get their own jobs done and keep abreast of all the club's doings. There's more than 170 climbers in this club, all with a range of skills and experience, and it's your job to keep them safe and happy!

You don't necessarily have to be the best climber in the world or have been on committee before. More important than anything else is you just need to be super-psyched for climbing and this club! At the end of the day, you're the person who's got to stand up at the start of the year and tell all the freshers how awesome this club is. If you can lead from the front and  think you can pass on that love for this amazing sport then you've no reason not to run!

Being president is busy, time-consuming and occassionally stressful, but seeing a lively, healthy, ridiculously busy club full of happy climbers getting stuck into our amazing sport is unbelievably rewarding; it's the best job in the world!


VP is another job that is ultimately what you make of it. You're there to support the president however you can and that can mean bringing in your own ideas and projects too. You're often the committee's utility person, helping out the other guys to make the big events.

In a weird tradition (I'm not sure how or why this became a thing) the VP is in charge of the annual Christmas trip! The brief: find somewhere abroad with warm climbing in the sun that will keep 30 or so climbers happy for 10 days, and get them there. It's the one job with guaranteed adulation from people, as you're in charge of organising the best trip our members will go on all year! No pressure...

If you're keen to get stuck in, can spread the love and psyche for climbing and have some good ideas for where we go in the winter (luckily for you 'not Spain' isn't really a thing any more) then VP is for you! Previous experience arguing with car hire companies is optional but desired.


Looks after the treasure! Of course, there's a lot more to it than that...

The club currently turns over more than £17,000 a year, and if you include the Christmas Trip it gets more like £27,000. That's a lot of cash to keep track of! You're in charge of budgeting all this for the year to make sure we can do the things we want to do and (probably harder) getting the committee to stick to it! You're also the person who collects and tracks payments for events and memberships, and occasionally acts as bailiff calling in debts. It's not just our members you'll deal with, you'll be in communication with plenty of outside partners and suppliers ensuring payments are made and bills are paid.

The treasurer is not just an accountant though. You keep our membership records up to date (now made easier with our awesome new website) and maintain membership info with the union and importantly the BMC (to keep the club insured!). Along with the President, you'll also be involved in applying for extra funding from the AU and the BMC, to get new ideas off the ground or maintain activities which we couldn't do without the support of these organisations.

Treasurer is a really important job, although much of the work is behind the scenes, you do a lot to hold the club together, whilst developing plenty of important skills relevant to life after uni. If you think you've got what it takes, get involved!

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